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Kick Volley 02 Results

1- François Depatie-Pelletier/ Benjamin Rochon
2- Gilles Demers/ Luc Legault
3- Martin Côté/ Sébastien Perron
4- Dominique Soulard/ Dominic O'Brien
5- Yves Archambault/ Sébastien Duchesne
6- Luka W-L/ J-F Bélanger
7- Stéphane Tailleur/ Alexandre Kègle
8- Geneviève Bousquet/ Thibault Rehn
9- Olivier Berthiaume/ Mathieu Payant

This tournament is the second event of
KICK VOLLEY's history.

This sport is generally called Footbag Net and this is a new marketing or rebranding attempt initiated by Yves Archambault. I firmly believe that the name Footbag carries a good baggage of confusion at the phonetics level , it is often verbally confused with Football, as well as from its history.

The name Footbag has to be followed by another term to distinguish it properly. There is Footbag Net which is the same sport as KICK VOLLEY, Footbag freestyle, Footbag circle etc... These sports developed gradually since 1972 and the different additional terms got created along the way.

KICK VOLLEY is a much more descriptive term and therefore cannot be confused with the other forms constituting the larger Footbag family of names.

Kick Volley 02 schedule

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There will be no no same day late registration for this tournament. The deadline to register is on April 15th at 11:59pm. There will be a social meeting at Yves Archambault's place from 8 to 11 pm on the 16th (no registration)..

No lateness will be tolerated at this tournament, this is the pursuing of a new culture. The marked times are the hours at which the first serves have to be in the air. All first serves at this tournament will be at 10h15, Saturday April 17th on all courts. You're late, you're scratched automatically from that match.

All games have to be officiated by at least a head judge. All the scores of all the games have to be written at the appropriate place in order to be official. Players that do not have specific tasks or are not competing are required to officiate (head judge or line judge) when asked. We will need a head judge and 2 line judges for all the matches from the semi finals on.

No advertising for any competing sponsors will be tolerated either on shirts or any other visual support at any time during the event. This is a private event sponsored by Pro Kicker and Le Quartier Latin. Club and non profit organizations are welcome to display their colors.

There will be a contact penalty for abusive players. 4 contacts max allowed during the whole tournament, then red card.

The official Flying object of the Competition will be the Pro Kicker ''IMPACT'' 32 pannel KICK VOLLEY ball.


The cost for registration is 50$ . You can pay online here:

REGISTRATION is closed for this event. If you do want to encourage future KICK VOLLEY tournaments you can use the payment button to make a donation. Just indicate SUPPORT in the comments section of your payment.

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Videos of KICK VOLLEY 02

Finals Game 1

(17 megs)


Videos of KICK VOLLEY 01

Semi-Finals Mix

(80 megs) It is highly recommended to copy the file to your computer first and then watch it. Just right click on the link

Finals Game 2

(58 megs)

This Kick Volley tournament is a Pro Kicker production.