Small but fun tournament...for people who like to suffer!

This was held just after the holidays break, so not much practice just before.

A lot of players suffered from severe cramps, including the 2 finalists.

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The 2009 Montreal King of the Hill Footbag Net tournament results

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Open Singles

1. Gilles Demers
2. Luc Legault
3. Martin Côté
4. Renaud Fanoni
5. Dominic O'Brien
6. Domnique Soulard
7. François D.-Pelletier
8. Yves Archambault
9. Sébasteien Duchesne
10. Maude Landreville
11. Stéphane Tailleur
12. Geneviève Bousquet



Intermediate Singles

1. Sébastien Lessard
2. Jean-François Bélanger
3. Thibault Rehn
4. Pierre Frigon
5. Luka W.-Lavallée
6. Félix-Antoine Guérard

The 2009 Montreal King of the HILL
Video by Gilles Demers
Footage provided by Pro Kicker

It is highly recommended to right click on the name of the
file and to download the Video to your computer first.

* Footbag Net, a name that we would like to change to the more descriptive ''Kick Volley'' determination eventually.

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